The process and experience of pyschotherapy are not easily described in brief, general statements. However, I would like to give you a sense of what you might expect as we work together:


Getting to know and understand you

All of us are trying to find our way as we confront the challenges that life inevitably poses. Right from the start, I am interested in learning about your life story and circumstances, the issues with which you struggle, and how you see yourself and your relationships. I want to understand you as a full person. I see one’s problems and struggles as separate from a person’s core identity. Your strengths, your sense of self, and what you care about are fundamental to who you are.

Making every hour productive

My commitment is to focus on what’s most important each time we meet and to make each hour of therapy as full and useful as possible. I am interested in helping you find meaningful as well as practical solutions that you can apply in your day-to-day life. Importantly, for progress to occur, therapy requires mutual trust and engagement in the process. It calls for active involvement on your part both during our sessions together and in your daily life.

Being fully present and engaged

It takes a certain amount of courage and commitment to be in therapy, to be open and to seek change. To encourage you to be comfortable and active in the process, I find that being interactive along with sharing humor and warmth enlivens therapy while encouraging honesty and risk-taking.

Facing sensitive issues together

I am supportive and respectful of each person’s comfort level in addressing difficult issues and emotions. At the same time, I am willing to probe and push, when necessary. I try to help clients examine the attitudes and thought processes that are getting in their way, and to develop and integrate new insights and understanding. Though not always easy, clients often are surprised to find that change, once it occurs, can feel comfortable and natural.

Collaborating toward long-term change

My aim in therapy is for us to develop a constructive approach in working together. I see therapy as an active exploration where questions foster meaningful dialogue and strong, open communication. Ultimately, it is through deep conversation and collaboration that clients develop awareness and inner strengths which can lead to positive changes in feelings, behavior and relationships. These changes lead to more choices and greater satisfaction in how we live our lives.
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